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Senior Marketing Manager – B2B SaaS

Function: Commercial
Job Type: Permanent/Full time

May 13, 2024

Company Overview:

At Uqudo, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the field of identity verification. We provide cutting-edge solutions in the B2B SaaS sector, enabling businesses to authenticate and verify the identities of their users securely. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we’re seeking a Senior Marketing Manager to lead our marketing efforts and drive demand generation in the digital landscape.

Position Overview:

As a Senior Marketing Manager you will play a pivotal role in shaping and executing our marketing strategies. You will be responsible for developing comprehensive digital demand generation strategies, strengthening our brand presence, implementing account-based marketing tactics, managing impactful events, and overseeing various other marketing functions. This position requires a dynamic individual with a proven track record in B2B SaaS marketing, a deep understanding of digital marketing channels, and a passion for driving results.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Digital Demand Generation Strategy:
    • Develop and execute innovative digital demand generation campaigns to drive customer acquisition and pipeline growth.
    • Utilize a data-driven approach to optimize campaigns across various digital channels, including email, social media, SEM, and content marketing.
    • Collaborate cross-functionally with sales, product, and marketing teams to align strategies and achieve business objectives.
  2. Brand Development:
    • Define and maintain the brand identity across all marketing initiatives, ensuring consistency and relevance in messaging and positioning.
    • Implement strategies to increase brand awareness and recognition within the target market.
    • Monitor brand performance metrics and adjust strategies accordingly to enhance brand equity.
  3. Account-Based Marketing (ABM):
    • Develop and execute ABM strategies to engage key accounts and drive personalized marketing initiatives in collaboration with external agencies.
    • Collaborate closely with sales teams to identify target accounts, develop account-specific marketing plans, and measure campaign effectiveness.
    • Leverage marketing automation tools and CRM systems to streamline ABM processes and track account engagement.
  4. Event Management:
    • Plan, coordinate, and execute both virtual and in-person events, including webinars, conferences, and networking sessions.
    • Measure the impact of events on lead generation, pipeline acceleration, and overall marketing ROI.
  5. Content Strategy and Creation:
    • Develop and execute a comprehensive content strategy aligned with the buyer’s journey and marketing objectives.
    • Oversee the creation of high-quality, engaging content assets, including whitepapers, case studies, blog posts, videos, and infographics.
    • Collaborate with internal subject matter experts and external agencies to ensure content accuracy and relevance.
  6. Lead Generation and Nurturing:
    • Drive lead generation initiatives through targeted campaigns, lead capture forms, and landing pages.
    • Implement lead nurturing workflows to cultivate relationships with prospects and move them through the sales funnel.
    • Monitor lead conversion rates and optimize lead generation tactics for maximum ROI.
  7. Market Research and Competitive Analysis:
    • Conduct market research to identify industry trends, customer needs, and competitive insights.
    • Analyze competitor strategies, positioning, and messaging to inform our own marketing strategies and differentiation.
    • Utilize market intelligence to identify new opportunities for product innovation and market expansion.
  8. Performance Analysis and Reporting:
    • Establish KPIs and metrics to track the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.
    • Regularly analyze campaign performance data and marketing analytics to measure ROI and identify areas for improvement.
    • Prepare and present comprehensive reports to senior leadership, highlighting successes, challenges, and actionable insights.
  9. Cross-Functional Collaboration:
    • Foster strong relationships with sales, product, customer success, and other cross-functional teams to ensure alignment and collaboration.
    • Act as a liaison between marketing and other departments, gathering feedback and insights to inform marketing strategies and initiatives.
    • Collaborate with sales enablement teams to develop sales collateral, presentations, and training materials.
  10. Budget Management:
    • Develop and manage marketing budgets, allocating resources effectively to maximize ROI.
    • Monitor marketing spend and track expenses against budgetary targets, making adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.
    • Negotiate contracts and agreements with vendors, agencies, and partners to ensurecost-effectiveness and quality of services.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or related field; MBA preferred.
  • 5+ years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing, with a focus on demand generation and brand development.
  • Proven expertise in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media.
  • Strong understanding of account-based marketing principles and experience in executing ABM programs.
  • Demonstrated success in managing end-to-end event marketing campaigns, from planning to execution.
  • Proficiency in marketing automation platforms (e.g., HubSpot, Marketo) and CRM systems).
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and influence stakeholders at all levels.
  • Strategic thinker with a results-driven mindset and a passion for driving continuous improvement.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and adapt quickly to changing priorities.

Join Our Team: If you’re a strategic marketing leader with a passion for B2B SaaS and a drive to make a difference, we want to hear from you! Join us in revolutionizing identity verification and shaping the future of digital trust. Apply now to embark on an exciting journey with uqudo.

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