uqudo paves the way for digital identity in Africa

Nov 17, 2022

uqudo’s CEO, Mohamed Fagiri recently spoke on “Building Global Bridges: How to Access New Markets” at the Africa Tech Festival, the leading tech festival connecting innovators and changemakers across the continent. Mohamed shared his insights on scaling start-ups and building key products that can transform the world.

A digital identity company that is building an “identity layer” that makes customer onboarding safe, efficient and cost-effective in a digital world, uqudo has seen major growth in the past few months. Providing digital identity verification for key fintech players in the EMEA region, uqudo has also partnered with numerous entities in the African region to enhance digital identity in the continent. 

The World Bank and Africa Development bank estimate that of the 1.3 billion people in Africa, 50% are smartphone users. With the population projected to increase in the next few decades, smartphone penetration will also see drastic growth, driving access to financial products and services.

With greater financial inclusion, fintechs have seen the tremendous potential for growth in the continent, with numerous companies building an Africa-first model. This growth in the fintech industry makes it important to have a digital identity verification platform to facilitate cross-border interactions. 

Understanding this need for secure and dependable digital identities, uqudo has been building an identification platform to play a major role in the African continent’s digital acceleration. 

uqudo has also recently joined the Smart Africa Alliance as a start-up member, to actively promote the Smart Africa efforts like digital ID and cross-border e-payments across the continent and establish institutional ownership and accountability. Partnering with numerous other large-scale financial institutions across Africa, uqudo is also enabling access to digital identity in remote areas of the continent. 

A key challenge uqudo is tackling is the various identity requirements in different countries. With a think global and act local approach, uqudo helps customers navigate the identity space in their countries and surrounding regions as they scale.

uqudo’s identity solutions are currently live in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Ghana, Senegal, Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & Sudan with Rwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Benin, Tanzania and Algeria in the pipeline for the next few weeks.

About uqudo

Born with a mission to bring trust to digital interactions uqudo aims to rid the digital world of fraudulent identities. Aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development goals, uqudo intends to shape an inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable internet for everyone.

Founded by a team of identity experts, uqudo has a long heritage of delivering large-scale, high-quality projects with success stories in digital federal national identity programs, national driving license systems, and national electronic passport programs. As a natural progression of these successes, uqudo has reinvented itself as an intelligent AI-based identity layer that’s future-proof, dynamic, and secure.

What differentiates uqudo from other identity players in the region is the capability to verify identities not only in the countries our customers operate in but also in those they are planning to expand to in the near future, making them the de-facto option for digital identity in the region.

uqudo’s key USP lies in a frictionless onboarding platform that verifies user identity in seconds with a comprehensive screening procedure that eliminates fraud. With a fully customisable onboarding platform, uqudo provides identity solutions that can easily be integrated with any company’s digital platform. 

Additionally, uqudo has been the recipient of numerous awards from the European Union, the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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