Why choose us?


Highly secure

NFC readers only work for distances of approx 10cm, making your user verification very secure.


Fully automated

Your customers won’t have to manually type any information, making their signing-up processes simpler.



Let your customers use any NFC-enabled device for authenticating their documents.


Decrease turnaround time

Reduce users’ turnaround time, making customer onboarding faster and more convenient.

How it works


Step 1

The user uploads identity card image, which is NFC-enabled.


Step 2

The user next taps the identity card against their smartphones.


Step 3

The data from the identity card is verified against the NFC chip data.


Step 4

If the data matches, the user proceeds with the remaining onboarding process.

NFC Features

NFC scanning services

NFC scanning

Scan documents without having your users manually type out identity information.

  • Scan and extract data from NFC chips in passports from 138 countries.
  • Scan and extract data from NFC chips in national identity cards.
NFC id verification services

NFC verification

Verify NFC data from documents and country databases.

  • Verify NFC chips using digital signatures in passports from 85 countries.
  • Verify NFC chips using digital signatures from National IDs from 6 countries.
NFC verification supported countries

Verification supported countries

To see our verification-supported countries, visit this page.

Geographies & NFC scanning services


To take a deep dive into our capabilities by country checkout our geographic-specific pages.

Secure, frictionless, & fully compliant digital onboarding. Integrated seamlessly within your app.
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Easily integrate with your tech stack.

Use our simple and secure Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or RESTful API to seamlessly integrate identity capabilities into your operations.

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An award-winning team

uqudo is proud to be recognised by some of the world’s most distinguished organisations.

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Here’s what people say about us

  • After our research, we found uqudo to be by far the best AML provider and we are confident that they will help us push our business forward as we grow.

  • Digital ID, data governance and cross borders e-payments are critical to advance the digital transformation we want for Africa. Therefore, welcoming uqudo to the alliance is clearly aligned with our ambitions. Their expertise and experience will be a great asset to our organisation.

  • Authentication and authorization are mission-critical components. Staex provides a dynamic lightweight network layer for new digital collaborators such as public-private engagements while uqudo offers proven digital identity technology. The combined solution safeguards our lives and actions in the digital world.

  • From a strategic point of view for TECH5, uqudo is a great partner for the integration of both companies’ offerings to create unparalleled digital KYC and National Identity programs in the Middle East, Africa, and other regions. In addition, we appreciate access to uqudo’s expertise as a full-service provider in the space of digital onboarding and authentication.

  • I’ve seen the uqudo platform working first hand and it’s extraordinarily compelling, especially if you are looking for an incredibly seamless onboarding/ID verification process.

  • What made us choose Uqudo as our digital identity partner is their clear and fast integration process and the constant availability and efficiency of their support team. The client ID verification and video selfie is user-friendly and convenient making our onboarding process quasi-instant.

  • It is an honor and great fun, working with a company like uqudo! I‘m fascinated not just by their great talent and tech & market expertise … but especially by their passion. For their products, their customers and the restless willingness to go beyond. All this resulted already in impressive successes – looking forward to working with the team, to truly ‘own’ the region and grow beyond.

We price based on successful onboarding.

Say goodbye to request-based fees, repeat charges, and spiralling customer acquisition costs.