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Verify businesses by accessing the world’s largest company database with global coverage.


Leverage our algorithm to identify the most cost-efficient route to the data you need from our broad partner network.


Screen the ultimate owners of the business via the world’s largest risk database.

How it works

Our four-pillar approach to comprehensive screening.



Read and extract identity data from company documents or trade licenses.



Check business authenticity via global databases.


Identify UBOs

Identify the Ultimate
Beneficial Owners of the company.


Verify & Screen UBOs

KYC owners and screen for AML and sanctions.

KYB Features

KYC+ Features AI Document Scanning

AI Document
Scanning Solutions

Read company documents and trade licenses to extract critical data relating to company ownership in milliseconds.

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KYB Features Business Verification

Business document verification services

Check for business authenticity with access to over 400 million companies and verify company documents from over 195 countries in the blink of an eye.

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KYB Features Business Screening

Professional business screening

Identify, verify, and screen Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) to establish business risk profiles and automatically monitor changes in beneficial ownership.

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Secure, frictionless,
& fully compliant digital onboarding.
Integrated seamlessly within your app.
Easily integrate with your tech stack.

Use our simple and secure Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or RESTful API to seamlessly integrate identity capabilities into your operations.

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An award-winning team

Ugudo is proud to be recognised by some of the world’s most distinguished organisations.

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