Why choose us?


Greater protection

Add an extra layer of security, reducing the possibility of unauthorised access.


Enhance customer trust

Increase your users’ faith in the security of their personal data with multiple authentication factors.


Reduce password fatigue

Enable your users to remember a lesser number of passwords with an easier 2FA.


Reduce operating costs

Save money by keeping your users aware of suspicious activities, reducing fraud.

How it works?


Step 1

User enrols into the system using a username and password.


Step 2

User provides facial biometrics as the second authentication while onboarding.


Step 3

While logging in, the user inputs a password, after which facial verification is done.

Two-Factor Authentication Features

Two-factor authentication solutions

Use a combination of different authentication methods to double up your users’ security:

  • Biometrics
  • Push notifications
  • SMS OTPs (One-Time Passwords)
  • FIDO universal factor
  • Software tokens
  • Hardware tokens

More on two-factor authentication

With passwords being increasingly vulnerable, organisations today have understood the necessity of stronger authentication methods. A type of multi-factor authentication, 2FA provides an extra layer of security to users trying to gain access to their online accounts. Since 2FA generally involves a combination of passwords and authentication done on the user’s physical device, it makes it difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive information.

Authentication methods used in 2FA are generally a combination of:

  • Something the user knows: This refers to a password, a PIN or an answer to a secret security question.
  • Something the user is: Also called the inherent factor, this refers to the biometric information of the user, including fingerprints, facial features, voice, retina, or iris.
  • Something the user has: This includes a specific piece of information or a device a user has. Examples of possession factors include an OTP (One-Time Password) or a code sent to the user’s email account.

The reason two-factor authentication methods are common today is that even if a user’s password credentials are compromised, it is very difficult for a hacker to validate themselves without possessing the user’s physical device. This in turn helps companies keep their customer data secure, and verify identities more confidently.

Secure, frictionless, & fully compliant digital onboarding. Integrated seamlessly within your app.

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Here’s what people say about us

  • After our research, we found uqudo to be by far the best AML provider and we are confident that they will help us push our business forward as we grow.

  • Digital ID, data governance and cross borders e-payments are critical to advance the digital transformation we want for Africa. Therefore, welcoming uqudo to the alliance is clearly aligned with our ambitions. Their expertise and experience will be a great asset to our organisation.

  • Authentication and authorization are mission-critical components. Staex provides a dynamic lightweight network layer for new digital collaborators such as public-private engagements while uqudo offers proven digital identity technology. The combined solution safeguards our lives and actions in the digital world.

  • From a strategic point of view for TECH5, uqudo is a great partner for the integration of both companies’ offerings to create unparalleled digital KYC and National Identity programs in the Middle East, Africa, and other regions. In addition, we appreciate access to uqudo’s expertise as a full-service provider in the space of digital onboarding and authentication.

  • I’ve seen the uqudo platform working first hand and it’s extraordinarily compelling, especially if you are looking for an incredibly seamless onboarding/ID verification process.

  • What made us choose Uqudo as our digital identity partner is their clear and fast integration process and the constant availability and efficiency of their support team. The client ID verification and video selfie is user-friendly and convenient making our onboarding process quasi-instant.

We price based on successful onboarding.

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What is Biometric Authentication?

Every individual is unique and through the use of biometrics, we can use aspects of uniqueness to authenticate a person’s identity. Everything from the face, fingerprint, palm, and voice can be used to verify a person is who they say they are. Given most ID documents are photo IDs, the face is the most common and popular way to authenticate with biometrics.

How can biometric authentication help my company?

Biometric authentication provides the opportunity for passwordless logins for your users. Logging in with the face is both faster and more secure. Strong authentication refers to the set of specifications laid out by FIDO. These specifications mean authentication is intrinsically stringent enough to ensure the security of the system it protects.

Is facial recognition safe?

Biometric face authentication uses unique facial patterns to identify people, making it highly efficient. Since our platform doesn’t store data, all biometric information is encrypted and secure.

What all biometric authentication methods can be used?

uqudo lets your customers use the following biometrics for authentication:

  • Face
  • Fingerprint
  • Voice
  • Iris
  • Palm

How does 2FA work?

Our two-factor authentication (2FA) uses facial biometrics as the second factor to provide a non-invasive second layer of authentication, to keep your customer data secure.

Which documents do you support?

uqudo’s AI Document Scanning can read and extract identity data from 98% of commonly used identity documents in EMEA. Check out our Coverage & Capabilities for a full breakdown of supported documents filtered by geography.

Which documents can you verify?

We are able to read all passports with an NFC chip and verify passports in 86 countries. In addition to this, we are able to verify identity cards in a total of 11 countries currently. For a full list of the documents that we are able to verify visit our Coverage & Capabilities page.