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Automate manual processes

Use AI and deep learning to extract data and automate repetitive tasks.


Improve compliance and security

Read and scan documents containing personal and corporate information with data security.


Enhance your users' experience

Let your customers upload documents in record time, enhancing UX.


Save time and reduce costs

Save time and money by reducing manual processing and admin work.

How it works?


Document Detection

The AI detects the ID and segments it from the background.


Document Quality Check

Detect the quality of the document for glare, blur and clarity.


Document Field Identification

Identify and extract the required data that includes name, DOB, ID number and other necessary fields.

AI Document Scanning Features

Document detection solutions


  • The document is first detected by AI and then isolated from the background.
  • If the document is bent or rotated, it is corrected and cropped by our algorithms.
  • Our algorithm also reduces noise to enhance image quality for better readability.
Document quality check services

Quality Check

  • The AI then checks the document quality, to see if the text is blurry or has any glare reflected on it.
  • If the image is blurry or has glare, our algorithm triggers a rescan of the document.
  • The AI also examines the ID document for any signs of tampering, such as altered information, to ensure the document’s authenticity and integrity.
Document field identification services

Document Field

  • All the necessary identity fields required are identified and then sent for further processing.
  • For individuals, this includes name, date of birth, and identity card number
  • For companies, this includes the company name, date of incorporation and the license number for a firm.
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What is KYC?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is an identity verification process that authenticates the real identity of customers during onboarding.

What is Enhanced Due Diligence?

EDD goes beyond CDD and looks to establish a higher level of identity assurance with additional verification steps such as verifying the customer’s address.

How do you perform KYC?

Three key steps are involved in our identity process; first, we read the document and extract identity data; next, we check the person on camera is real and matches the document; finally, we verify document authenticity via government databases or using the digital signatures on the document.

What are the requirements for KYC?

KYC document requirements vary according to a region’s jurisdiction but generally include

  • A government-issued ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter’s ID
  • Birth certificates

Why is KYC required?

KYC helps financial institutions verify the identity of customers and prevents companies from being used in illegal financial activities. KYC also helps firms understand their customer’s financial behaviour, aiding in a better user experience.

What is KYB?

Know Your Business (KYB) refers to the controls that a company must implement to ensure its clients are not engaged in criminal activity. It is the process of due diligence that should be undertaken before dealing with any organisation.

What is the difference between KYC and KYB?

KYC (Know Your Customer) refers to verifying the identity of an individual, whereas KYB (Know Your Business) analyses and verifies the identity of companies.

Why is KYB necessary?

KYB helps companies obtain essential information about their potential clients, to protect their interests while dealing with other businesses. It also ensures that organisations are not indirectly associated with fraudulent activities.

The main advantages of a comprehensive KYB Screening procedure are:

  1. Helps evaluate the business authenticities of companies, and identify changes in transactional behaviour, which sometimes indicate fraud.
  2. Identifies the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) and evaluates their risk profiles.
  3. Screening key stakeholders prevent the occurrence of financial fraud making companies trustworthy.

Can uqudo verify KYB documents in languages other than English?

Yes, uqudo’s KYB coverage includes more than 98 languages, including Arabic, English, Afrikaans and many more.