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To build the identity layer that makes transactions safe in a digital world


To build the identity layer that makes interactions safe in a digital world.

Bringing trust to digital transactions.


Bringing trust to digital interactions.

Based on the Zulu word (uqobo) for truth, reality or self

Our story

Based on the Zulu word (uqobo) for truth, reality or self, the
very one(s).

Uqudo was born with a mission to rid the digital world of
fraudulent identities. We aim to instill trust in digital
transactions where interactions are essentially anonymous.

Founded by a team of identity experts, Uqudo has a long heritage
of delivering large-scale, high-quality projects with success
stories in digital federal national identity programs, national
driving license systems, and national electronic passport

As a natural progression of these successes, Uqudo has reinvented
itself as an intelligent AI-based identity layer that’s
future-proof, dynamic, and secure.

With the latest and most innovative technologies and a culture
centred on trust, excellence, and innovation, Uqudo empowers
businesses to get to know their customers in ways they’ve never
been able to do before.

Meet our team of experts

At Uqudo, we’re led by a group of passionate experts and  innovators working together to bring trust to the digitalworld.

Mohamed Fagiri

Mohamed Fagiri

Mohamed is a technologist, innovator, and recognised thought leader in the identity space. He has a stellar track record of building and managing best-in-class identity solutions for public and private sector organisations worldwide.

Akram El Youssi

Akram El Youssi

Akram is a seasoned investment & finance professional turned venture builder. He has over twenty years of combined corporate and entrepreneurship experience and is a serial founder of traditional brick-and-mortar and technology companies.

Thomas Linke

Thomas Linke

Thomas has over twenty years of experience and a proven ability to transform business goals into visionary software products. He has a strong background in cyber-security, spending many years in the field and conducting academic research. Thomas holds a master’s degree in information security from Royal Holloway.

Sameh Lufti

Sameh Lufti

Sameh is a business development executive with over fifteen years of experience enabling new product launches, defining partnership strategies, and driving growth opportunities. He’s highly skilled at leading B2C and B2B teams to execute innovative tactics, close deals, and create cultures embracing customer focus.

Harm Jan Arenshorst

Harm Jan Arendshorst

Harm is a specialist in digital transformation, identity & IoT security, privacy & trustworthy AI. He has more than twenty five years of experience building digital ecosystems across a broad range of industries.

An award-winning team

Ugudo is proud to be recognised by some of the world’s most distinguished organisations.

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