Revolutionising Oman’s digital infrastructure, uqudo and Oman Data Park form a strategic alliance

Apr 14, 2023

uqudo, one of EMEA’s most innovative digital identity companies, and Oman Data Park (ODP), Oman’s first managed cyber security and cloud services provider, are strategically partnering to accelerate the digital transformation of the Sultanate.

ODP provides an all-in-one solution of computing, cloud computing services, data storage, networking, web hosting and network security services, helping businesses to save up to 55% on the total cost of ownership compared to traditional data centres. Uqudo provides a comprehensive digital identity platform for customer onboarding and verification that includes biometric liveness detection, NFC-based government-issued IDs and passport reading and verification, cognitive document analysis and AI-based document scanning.

As part of the partnership, uqudo and ODP will work together to integrate digital identity solutions into ODP’s existing infrastructure, enabling individuals and organisations to securely authenticate and verify their identities online. Both parties have committed to building combined offerings to facilitate and accelerate the digital journey in Oman. This will enhance user experience, and security and improve access to online services across the country, supporting Oman’s efforts to become a digital nation.

“Oman Data Park is committed to providing our customers with the latest and most advanced technology solutions,” said Maqbool Al Wahaibi, CEO of Oman Data Park. “Our partnership with uqudo will help us to further enhance our services and deliver fraud-proof digital identity solutions to our customers in Oman.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with ODP on a national level to address identity challenges and enable Oman’s digital economy,” says Mohamed Fagiri, CEO of uqudo. “This partnership will be a vital step toward Oman’s digitalisation after our recent participation with ODP and OmanTel in conducting the first fully digital national elections in the region.”

uqudo will provide extensive digital onboarding services for all companies supported by ODP. With Oman accelerating towards an inclusive digital society with rapid digital growth, comprehensive digital onboarding is necessary for companies to scale. Businesses on the ODP platform will gain access to exhaustive identity solutions that can support their overall growth while being compliant with regulatory requirements.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both uqudo and Oman Data Park, as they work together to advance the digital transformation of Oman.

About uqudo:

A leading digital identity and eKYC company, uqudo adopts advanced digital identity technology that includes the KYC verification of national IDs and passports from around the world using powerful AI technologies, cognitive document analysis, superior facial recognition and liveness detection. This enables users to experience a fast, secure and frictionless onboarding process whilst protecting the organisation from fraudulent activities and simultaneously ensuring the organisations are fully compliant with KYC, AML and CDD regulations.

uqudo’s award-winning tech platform pushes innovation in the world of identity, driving digital transformation on a global scale. uqudo’s market-leading technology has led to awards across the Middle East and Africa and partnerships with global leaders such as VISA, SmartAfrica, Microsoft and more.

About Oman Data Park:

Oman Data Park (ODP), the Sultanate’s first managed cyber security and cloud services provider, plays an integral role in supporting the digital transformation of Oman, through their offering of an all-in-one solution of computing, cloud computing, data storage, networking, web hosting and network security services. ODP also offers the Sultanate’s first Artificial Intelligence ready cloud infrastructure – Nebula AI powered by Nvidia.