Real-time KYC & AML Solution for UK

Utilise uqudo’s advanced Know Your Customer services to verify your users’ identity in seconds.

How our digital identity solution works


Scan Document

Read the document and extract identity data.


Facial Recognition

Check the person on camera is real and matches the document.


Validating Data

Verify the individual via government databases.



Check customers are worthy of doing business with AML & sanctions screening.



Enable passwordless login for returning users and strengthen authentication with biometrics.

KYC for UK in under 10 seconds

Validate your customer’s identity with uqudo’s innovative eKYC process, digital identity verification and AML solutions in the UK, which can be easily integrated into your onboarding platform. Keep fraudsters out and drive your conversions sky-high!

Stay compliant with our KYC & Screening solutions

In accordance with the guidelines of FATF & OFAC for

UK identity documents we verify

United Kingdom Passport verification digital identity services


AI Document Scanning
Read via NFC
Verify via NFC

uqudo verifies United Kingdom passports issued by the HM Passport Office for KYC in the United Kingdom, which includes verification of users’ name, date of birth and telephone number, along with Enhanced Due Diligence.

AI Document Scanning
  • Isolating the document from the image and evaluating the quality based on glare and blur.
  • Detecting document tampering or forgery.
  • Checking format’s accuracy.
  • Checking the data with the MRZ code & hologram.
Read and Verify NFC
  • Extract data from the NFC chip on the passport.
  • Verify data from the NFC chip on the passport.
United Kingdom Driving License verification service provider

Driving license

AI Document Scanning

As a leading identity verification company, uqudo verifies the driving licenses issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the United Kingdom by,

AI Document Scanning
  • Isolating the document from the digital image and aligning it properly.
  • Evaluating the quality of the image based on glare and blur.
  • Detecting document tampering or forgery.
  • Validating hologram print.
  • Extracting data via OCR.

Pushing boundaries in the identity space in MEA and beyond


Licenses sold


EMEA Document Scanning Coverage


Global Passport NFC Reading

Awards & Recognitions

Digital identity verification, KYC & AML solutions for your industry













Full stack identity solution: KYC, Enhanced Due Diligence, AML Screening & Biometric Authentication


AI Document Scanning

Read and extract identity data from documents across 248 countries and territories and 98 languages within milliseconds with unparalleled accuracy.


Face Verification

Protect against stolen identities and impersonation while delivering a superior user experience with liveness-based biometric facial recognition.


Document Verification

Analyse and verify document authenticity across 248 countries & territories in real time and with unparalleled accuracy.


Enhanced Due Diligence

Go a level deeper and add an extra layer of security with enhanced due diligence.


Screening: AML & Sanctions

Check against 900+ global lists and 1.7+m PEPs to eliminate business risk.


Biometric Authentication

Next-generation biometric authentication includes face, fingerprint, palm, and voice.

A fully customizable onboarding journey embedded in your app or website

KYC, KYB, AML screening & digital identity authentication process

An award-winning team

uqudo is proud to be recognised by some of the world’s most distinguished organisations.

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Easily integrate with your tech stack.

Use our simple and secure Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or RESTful API to seamlessly integrate identity capabilities into your operations.

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We price based on successful onboarding.

Say goodbye to request-based fees, repeat charges, and spiralling customer acquisition costs.