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Next-generation KYC & digital identity solutions for banks and
financial institutions.

Empowering banks and financial institutions to fulfill their regulatory obligations and eliminate fraud without adding friction to the customer experience.

See it in action:
Instant user onboarding and verification

Accelerate digital transformation with streamlined instant user onboarding and identity verification

Make the shift to a fully digital customer experience with our frictionless and formless identity layer.

Robust onboarding and user verification system

Stay compliant with a robust onboarding and user identity verification system

Keep up with evolving regulations in your region.

Reduce costs with our fully automated solution

Automated authentication for banking to achieve efficiency at scale

Say goodbye to inefficient manual processes and reduce costs with our fully automated solution.

Empower users to open an account

Empower users to open a quick & secure account digitally in 30 seconds

Allow new users to access your service quickly to increase conversion rates.

Unrivalled user screening for PEPs, sanctions and adverse media

Unrivalled user screening for KYC, two-factor authentication, PEPs, sanctions and adverse media

Screen for suitability and risk with access to the world’s largest PEPs, sanctions, AML and adverse media lists.

A fully customizable onboarding journey embedded in your app or website

Fully customizable onboarding journey embedded in your app or website

Pushing boundaries in the identity space in MEA and beyond


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Awards & Recognitions

Here’s how banks & financial institutions leverage our digital identity solution


Opening a digital bank account


of KYC





Secure, frictionless, & fully compliant digital onboarding. Integrated seamlessly within your app.

An award-winning team

Ugudo is proud to be recognised by some of the world’s most distinguished organisations.

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We price based on
successful onboarding.

Say goodbye to request-based fees, repeat charges, and spiralling customer acquisition costs.