uqudo joins Mastercard Engage partner network to transform digital payments

Feb 26, 2024

uqudo, MEA’s leading digital identity company has officially joined the Mastercard Engage Program as a Qualified Mastercard Engage Partner. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing the global market for secure, efficient and user-friendly digital identity solutions.

Companies across the globe are shifting to digital operations, and verifying individual identities is essential in protecting users from fraud and scams, and creating trustworthy digital ecosystems. Joining Mastercard’s Engage program will enable uqudo’s innovative technology to reach a wider audience, enabling companies worldwide to access seamless identity technology.

As Mastercard’s “Digital First: Components for Acquire” partner, uqudo will play a key role in helping businesses streamline their customer acquisition and digital onboarding processes. This will enable customers to experience a seamless digital experience, comprising real-time transaction verification and enhanced fraud prevention.

“We are proud to join the Mastercard Engage program, and partner with a global leader in the payments industry. This collaboration will allow us to accelerate the adoption of our identity platform across the region, creating a secure and trustworthy digital environment for everyone.”, says Basil Macklai, VP of Channels and Partnerships at uqudo.

This partnership will enable fast, secure and compliant verification solutions for companies and consumers across the globe, marking a significant step in securing the rapidly digitising fintech landscape.

About uqudo

A leading digital identity and eKYC company, uqudo adopts advanced digital identity technology that includes the KYC verification of national IDs and passports from around the world using powerful AI technologies, cognitive document analysis, superior facial recognition and liveness detection. This enables users to experience a fast, secure and frictionless onboarding process whilst protecting the organisation from fraudulent activities, ensuring the organisations are fully compliant with KYC, AML and CDD regulations.

uqudo’s award-winning tech platform pushes innovation in the world of identity, driving digital transformation on a global scale. uqudo’s market-leading technology has led to awards across the Middle East and Africa and partnerships with global leaders such as VISA, SmartAfrica, Microsoft and more.

Media Contact

Chandrika Mahapatra, Marketing Coordinator, uqudo

E-mail: marketing@uqu.do 

Website: www.uqudo.com