Why choose us?


Optimise your user
experience with fast, simple, and frictionless logins.


Eliminate fraud due
to weak, stolen or misused passwords.


End costly password management practices and reduce the need for IT support.


Perform ongoing KYC for future transactions.

How it works

Leverage biometrics
for strong authentication


Face Capture

A selfie is captured at sign up during facial verification.



The user can then log in with a selfie which is verified using biometric data captured at signup.


Other Use Cases

Biometrics can be used for two-factor authentication, account recovery, and transaction authentication.

Authentication Features

Authentication Features

login services

Let your users login without a password for a formless and frictionless experience across mobile and web.

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Authentication Features Biometric Authentication

Strong biometric authentication services

Level up your user experience and enhance security with next-generation biometric authentication, including face, fingerprint, palm, and voice.

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Authentication Features Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication services

Use facial biometrics as the second factor for the most robust two-factor authentication.

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Authentication Features FIDO & FIDO2 Authentication

FIDO & FIDO2 authentication solutions

Keep security airtight while simplifying the authentication experience by enabling users to leverage common devices like laptops or smartphones to authenticate to online services easily.

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Authentication Features Account Recovery

Secure account recovery solutions

Speed up and simplify the account
recovery process by enabling users to
use their face, fingerprint, or voice to
verify account ownership.

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Authentication Features Transactional Authorisation

Fast & safe transactional authorisation services

Validate payments with biometric sign in and authenticate ongoing transactions through a selfie to eliminate identity fraud and achieve trustworthy digital transactions.

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Secure, frictionless,
& fully compliant digital onboarding.
Integrated seamlessly within your app.
Easily integrate with your tech stack.

Use our simple and secure Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or RESTful API to seamlessly integrate identity capabilities into your operations.

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