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At Uqudo, our best-in-class tech stack and powerful features give you everything you need to stay secure and compliant while delivering exceptional user experience.

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Capture text and Extract data

Optical character recognition (OCR) services

  • Capture text from non-editable document formats such as PDFs, images or paper documents.
  • Extract data from documents across 248+ countries and territories with unparalleled accuracy.
  • 98 languages supported.
Document Detection
Documentation detection

Document detection solutions

Automatic detection:
  • Eliminate the need for customers to take a picture.
  • Document location is automatically detected within the frame.
  • A perspective transformation is applied to make the image readable.
  • ID-relevant information is identified and segmented.
Document type detection:
  • Automatically detect document type on camera.
Quality detection:
  • Ensure picture quality is readable and not blurry.
  • Automatically notify users of unsuccessful attempts to prompt retry.
Glare detection:
  • Guarantee picture quality is readable and without glare.
  • Send users feedback in real-time if glare is compromising image quality.
ID photo quality detection:
  • Check photo quality and automatically trigger a warning to users if not up to par.
  • Provide immediate feedback if photo quality doesn’t make the cut.
Tampering Detection
Tampering Detection

Advanced tampering detection

Source detection:
  • Detect document source to establish if a document is a scanned, digital copy, or real document.
Manual examination trigger:
  • Score documents that don’t meet thresholds to trigger manual examination.
AI/ML powered tampering detection:
  • Automatically detect document tampering to initiate manual examination.

NFC digital identity verification

NFC scanning:
  • Scan and extract data from NFC chips in passports from 137 countries.
  • Scan and extract data from National ID’s. that no other provider can including UAE, Oman and Bahrain
NFC verification:
  • Verify NFC chips using digital signatures in passports from 42 countries.
  • Verify NFC chips using digital signatures from National ID’s from countries that no other provider can including UAE, Oman and Bahrain.
Data Validation
Data validation

Data validation & integration

Data validation:
  • Check the expiry date and ensure the front and back of documents are 100% congruent.
Data integrations:
  • Check document validity via integrations with a broad range of public and private data sources.
  • Verify individual and company data and perform AML screening using the world’s largest risk database.
Facial Recognition and Liveness Detection
Facial Recognition & Liveness

Authentic facial recognition &
liveness detection

Leverage our superior facial recognition technology to conduct facial verification + liveness in under 3 seconds for a smooth customer experience.

Facial recognition quality check:
  • Ensure a real face is in front of the camera by checking for open eyes, face coverings, and position and orientation to the camera.
Liveness & face matching:
  • Detect if the person in front of the camera is alive and real and compare a user’s selfie with their documents to confirm a facial match.
Customer Portal
Customer portal

customer portal

  • Manage all your cases on one centralized dashboard.
  • View analytics on user activity and download reports ensuring regulatory compliance.
QR Code onboarding
QR Code Onboarding

Website & app QR code onboarding solutions

Onboarding QR code mobile app:
  • Use a QR code that triggers the launch of the app.
Onboarding QR Code Web:
  • Use a QR code that triggers the launch of the website.
Secure, frictionless, & fully compliant digital onboarding. Integrated seamlessly within your app.
Easily integrate with your tech stack.

Use our simple and secure Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or RESTful API to seamlessly integrate identity capabilities into your operations.

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