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Life at uqudo – Sreekala Sugathan

Oct 27, 2022
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Sreekala Sugathan

Lead IAM Engineer uqudo

Meet our Identity Access expert, Sreekala Sugathan, who makes sure that every client gets the expertise and solutions they need.

How did your journey with uqudo begin?

My journey with uqudo started 7 years back, and it has been full of learnings, challenges and aspirations.

Having worked in large IT firms till then, when I started off at uqudo with a small and extremely talented team, it was a big change in work culture for me. I got to work with a highly diverse team from around the world where each member was a master of their domain. 

What do you do at uqudo?

I am part of the Identity and Access Management team which has implemented CIAM solutions for large clients. At uqudo we believe in working smartly, hence there is a constant effort to automate tasks and processes. 

What do you love about working at uqudo?

The most challenging and fun part of working here is that I get to work in multiple technical and functional areas, and am not restricted to a certain role or task. This helps me to evolve both technically as well as professionally on a daily basis. 

I have the opportunity to architect solutions for multiple complex client needs using the latest technologies in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain. 

While working with various clients, I try to understand their core business which helps me in designing solutions that cater to their requirements. I enjoy the brainstorming sessions we have and the small victory celebrations when we tackle the challenges one by one.

Life at uqudo - Sreekala

Describe your journey as a woman in tech

As a woman in the tech industry, I am extremely grateful to have always worked with extremely supportive and non-biased colleagues. uqudo is no exception to that. I have always been pushed to take on greater challenges and well appreciated for every achievement. 

The open culture at uqudo allows me to reach out to anyone in the company beyond any hierarchical lines. The company has always been supportive and helped me prioritize my personal life when a need arose.

As we grow and reach greater heights as a company, we have seen good and bad days, but nevertheless, the journey has been worth it. I am looking forward to many more challenges and accomplishments in the future with this wonderful team!

Sreekala Sugathan

Lead IAM Engineer uqudo

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